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What does a Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer kit do?

The Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer kit allows you to use all of the available internal travel of the dynamic timing advance mechanism inside the Bosch VE injection pump to give you more timing advance. In standard configuration the piston which controls the dynamic timing advance mechanism bottoms out on the cover plate before it reaches full travel.

The last picture in the product photo gallery shows a stripped down VE injection pump and shows the difference the Dynamic Timing Spacer kit makes compared to standard. In both pictures the pump is at maximum timing advance.

Why do we want more timing advance?

As engine speeds increase the fuel has less time to burn. The injection pump already compensates for this by injecting the fuel earlier but if we turn up the pump we increase the length of the injection event to increase the amount of fuel delivered which requires the timing to be advanced further to ensure the fuel burns completely without smoke and optimise the bang per £ of diesel.

This makes the engine more responsive and helps it to burn cleaner often reducing the exhaust gas temperature (EGT) in already tuned vehicles.

Whats in the kit?

1x Spacer CNC machined in the UK
1x Spring tension shim also CNC machined in the UK
2x Longer allen bolts
2x Genuine Bosch seals.

Dyno Testing

The video below shows the Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer kit and Boost Pin installed on a tired 300TDi Discovery with no other performance upgrades and only a small adjustment to the star wheel.

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