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What does a Boost Pin do?

Based on tuning products made for the 1st Generation Dodge Ram the boost pin allows you to get more travel from the internal workings of the Bosch VE injection pump.

The standard Bosch guide pin consists of an off centre conical ramp which gives different profiles depending on orientation. It is used to restrict fuel delivery until boost pressure is added to the engine to ensure there is sufficient air to burn the fuel. While adjusting this gives good improvements in performance you can not unleash the full potential of the VE pump with the standard guide pin.

This modified boost pin replaces the standard guide pin and allows the VE pump to access full fuel delivery given sufficient boost pressure which will improve your vehicles performance.

It also works well with our Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer Kit.

Dyno Testing

The video below shows the Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer kit and Boost Pin installed on a tired 300TDi Discovery with no other performance upgrades and only a small adjustment to the star wheel.

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