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How to install a Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer kit

So you’ve heard about the Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer kit but you aren’t too sure on how to fit it?

Well hopefully this short guide will help guide you on your way.

1. Locate the Dynamic Timing Advance piston cover plate.

Found on the bottom left hand side of the Bosch VE injection pump, the cover plate is a similar size and shape to the spacer.
On a 200TDi or 300TDi this is between the injection pump and the engine block. On a Cummins 6BT this is on the side of the injection pump furthest from the engine block, normally requiring the air compressor to be unbolted and slid backwards for better access.

2. Remove the cover plate.

Carefully remove the cover plate to reveal the compression springs which control the timing pistons movement, make sure you don’t drop the black calibration shims inside the cover plate.

(Don’t panic if you only have one spring, earlier injection pumps only used one spring to control the timing piston)

3. Replace the original O ring.

Replace the original O ring with the genuine Bosch O ring supplied taking care not to damage it.

4. Insert the new shim

Insert the extra spring tension shim into the bottom of the cover plate, making sure you replace the original black calibration shims back on top of the new shim.

5. Pre-assemble the spacer and cover plate ready for fitting.

Place the remaining genuine Bosch O ring carefully into the spacer plate. Then place the new allen bolts through the cover plate and place the spacer plate on top of the cover plate with the seal between them. after this all that remains is to place the springs (or spring) back into the cover plate on top of the shims.  

6. Re fit cover plate with spacer

Re fit the pre-assembled cover plate with the spacer, shims and spring(s) to the Bosch VE injection pump and tighten securely.

7. Enjoy!

Now the fun part, going out and enjoying the test drive!

Thanks to Craig King for the install photos!

8 thoughts on “How to install a Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer kit

  1. Any tips on removing the torx bolts if they just don’t want to move!

    1. We have found the easiest way is to use a small chisel and hammer on the head of the torx bolt to get them turning and brake the corrosion on the threads, just a small sharp tap normally works!

  2. Could this be used safely with other Bosch VE pumps ?

    1. Hi Owen, It should fit all Bosch VE pumps however whether you will get full benefit from the part will depend on the internal specifications of the pump. If you would like to drop me an email with more details I can look into your application for you. Thanks Nick

  3. I have a Nissan TD27T turbo diesel with the mechanical Bosch VE. Do you have any idea of the specifications, and therefor the benefit for my specific application? Looking into a boost pin, and this looks equally as reasonable to install. Would be nice if the combo would improve performance substantially. Thanks

    1. Hi Mike if you can email me via the contact us form and I’ll get some pics of your pump off you and a pump number to check compatibility as we haven’t had a Nissan to play with. Nick

  4. Will this improve a 200 tdi which has been installed without the turbo, so a 200di ?

    1. It should help a little but its hard to say as I haven’t tried it personally.
      However it will enable you to add more fuelling without getting smoke and high EGTs.

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